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"Amarillos" - Fried Plantains

This recipe (also known as Plátano maduro frito) is usually served as a side dish - or an appetizer!


(2) Fully ripened Plantains
------------(They should be soft to the touch, and have more black
than yellow skin)--------
Vegetable oil for frying

1- Score the plantains on two sides (lengthwise), using a paring knife.

2- Carefully peel the skin off, and place the plantain on a wood cutting board. (The plantain may be slippery!)

3- You may choose to use the full length, or, to make it easier to cut, first cut in half (across).

4- If the plantain is curved, place the plantain face down (think of the shape of a rainbow).

5- Slice the length carefully with a long knife. You can usually get three slices from each of the 2 plantain sections (remember that you already cut it in half first). Each slice should be about 1/2 inch thick.

6- If the plantain is not very large, you may just slice once in the middle.

7- On medium heat, heat some vegetable oil in large pan (teflon is great for this) - you don't need the oil to cover the plaintain, but it should be enough to come halfway up the sides of the plantain slices.

8- Using a spatula, turn the slices over when the sides start to look dark brown. Sometimes its good to sneak a peek under them also!

9- Remove the slices from the oil when both sides are done, and drain on paper towel.

10- Wait for the plaintains to cool slightly before serving, since the sugar content in them can really burn your tongue. (trust me!)

¡ Buen Provecho !

Shown here as an appetizer.


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