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The Basics

The intention of this site is to help proliferate the flavors of
Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rican food, among the most flavorful in the world, has its roots in Spanish, African, and Taino cooking.

This diverse combination of cooking styles yields unique flavors...
and wonderful aromas!

I have always been surprised by the fact that Puerto Rican food is not internationally known. It is among the most flavorful foods I have experienced throughout the world.

The first thing you need to know is how to prepare basic seasonings, and the 'base' of most Puerto Rican dishes: the "Sofrito".

That being said, click on the recipe links on the right to find out how to get started in your 'Puerto Rican' kitchen!

Then click on the menu on the left to go to the different Puerto Rican recipe categories!

- Mark LaGasse


Basics of Puerto Rican Cooking